Nathan Allan Glass Studios is proud to showcase our three architectural and decorative glass collections. Please select a collection below to browse the 150+ exciting, hand crafted, Interior Design inspired glass products available.



For the architect or interior designer unwilling to compromise the luxurious detailing of hand-made kiln-formed glass. Specify our deep or subtle textures in your next architectural project.



An exclusive array of 3-Dimensional glass surface patterns, unlike any other Architectural glass in our A&D industry. Freeform Glass has deep, clear surfaces, providing elegant design and privacy.



Our trademark Josiah J Collection sets new standards with the most unique, innovative, and original glass designs in the Architectural Glass industry today. 15 Exclusive glass products to choose from.


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Revolutionary Glass for any Design Challenge

Nathan Allan Glass Studios has become world renown for our ability to produce an endless stream of exclusive glass designs. These architectural cast glass designs include our most recent creations; Freeform Silvered, and Josiah J Collection Iceberg and Pyramid Glass. In addition, multiple unique glass designs have been created within our Classic Textures. View Arroyo, Avalanche, Mirage XL and Rivulet. All of these beautiful glass designs will inspire, and will energize the spaces you design… SEE MORE

Our latest, most innovative installation:

Producing Iceberg Glass requires an amazing, complicated, 8 stage production process. However, once completed, Iceberg architectural cast glass panels are absolutely stunning! As per our recent, private project shown here, large scale panels were created and installed throughout this prestigious residence. Used as partitions, feature walls, and thick glass shelves, this overall project is one of a kind. If you desire an art glass which will “Wow” your client, and create a “Sizzling” appearance, contact us for more info on our Iceberg Glass.