Teardrop XL



Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass, part of Nathan Allan’s exclusive Freeform Series, is exciting, new, and the first “texture less” kiln formed glass in our industry. Inspired by nature, the 3D convex shapes of each Teardrop XL create distortion opacity. This feature provides privacy while demonstrating an incredibly beautiful Architectural Glass finish. Watch as beauty and elegance come together. Capture the magic, the movement, and the animation of glass with our fluid, organic Teardrop XL shapes. Teardrop XL Glass is available in 3 options: Teardrop, Teardrop XL, and Teardrop Grande.

Application: Balustrade, Cladding, Dividers, Doors, Partitions, Sidelights, Feature Walls



Teardrop XL Architectural Glasss

Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass for Architectural Glass Projects

Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass is part of Nathan Allan’s very exclusive Freeform Series. As a result one will find that these glass designs are unique and one of a kind. Likewise we are proud to boast that all 14 designs were created by Nathan Allan artists. As such these elegant designs are Nathan Allan originals.

Our Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass provides a dazzling architectural feature that will compliment any build. For this reason, it has become one of our most popular interior designer selections. At the same time our Teardrop XL glass is also extremely functional, and often used in conference room feature walls. Accordingly, Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass is also featured in partitions, facades, doors and retail storefronts. Therefore helping to sound proof any space, and allowing considerable light transmission, makes this glass very desirable.

What this provides

Our extremely creative Free Forming process, produces clear texture less glass panels. As a result, the clear 3D convex surfaces also provide ample privacy. Thus, there is nothing else like our Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass in our industry. For this reason, we encourage you to check out our Instagram Page and Facebook Page. At the same time, for more information on our Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass please contact us today.

Teardrop XL Architectural Cast Glass for Architectural Glass Projects


Minimum Panel Size1’0 x 1’0  (300 mm x 300 mm)
Standard Maximum Panel Size 5’0 x 10′  (1500 mm x 3000 mm)
Custom Maximum Panel SizeSome textures can be produced up to 6’0 x 11’6 (1800 mm x 3500 mm)

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Finished Panel SizeAll orders are produced with finished, cut to size, ready to install panels
Panel Thickness5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″ (8 mm, 10mm, 12 mm)
Glass TypesClear · Low Iron · Bronze · Black · View All Glass Types
EdgeworkMachine flat polished
Color FinishesLucent, Gemstone, Pearl · View All Colors
Privacy FinishesFrosted or Etched
SafetyTempered, Laminated
CleaningOur glass products can be cleaned with liquid cleaners and paper towels, or soft clothes. Liquid cleaners without ammonia will help reduce streaks on the glass. Avoid all abrasive cleaning materials.


Sophie’s Teardrop XL Architectural Glass Partition

Accordingly, when designers  Barry Allan, Greg Carter, David Welch and MaryAnn M knock their creative brains together? As a result, the finished glass design is always stunning! Consequently, various and unique 3-Dimensional works of glass art are produced every year.

Teardrop Grande, is a bold, enlarged format of Nathan Allan’s original and exclusive Teardrop Series cast glass. Therefore, the individual Teardrop Glass Cells are magnified so that the pattern can be viewed at much greater distances.

Producing such unique glass is only the first step. Accordingly, with every new creation developed by Nathan Allan’s talented team, there is much progressive forethought. For example, all new designs must be created knowing that the glass can be safety tempered. Second, or safety laminated. Third, or both! As such, all 3 patterns in our Teardrop Grande Glass Series, qualify and meet all building code requirements. To illustrate, READ MORE OF THIS ARTICLE.