Project Description

St. John Episcopal Church

Sandpaper Stair Treads

Clear glass treads with opacity crating for privacy. Nathan Allan Glass Sandpaper is used on walking surface, and product is engineered for the specific project.

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Clear Glass Stair Treads. The walking surface of glass stair treads should be safe and durable. For this application, Nathan Allan developed “Glass Sandpaper”, an exclusive slip resistant safety feature, designed specifically for glass stair tread surfaces. Real glass particles, which do not easily erode, are fused onto the walking surface of the top glass layer, to create an extra grip for shoe treads. Tested in laboratories for slip co-efficient friction ratings, our Glass Sandpaper produced the highest test results in both wet and dry conditions (product data is available), which allows for indoor and outdoor installations. LEARN MORE


Collection Josiah J
Series Stair Treads / Flooring
Texture Sandpaper
Glass Clear / Frosted
Thickness 1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions Custom size
Safety Laminated
Designer Nathan Allan Glass Studios
Installer Contractor
St. John Episcopal Church