Project Description

Decorative Glass Features

Florida Hospital Altamonte, FL

Florida Hospital Altamonte Textured Glass. Reception area feature wall incorporates multiple panels of 1/2” thick, Crystal Series Clear panels, pinned onto a supporting stainless steel framework.

The glass panels provide tremendous illumination as the Crystals light up from the natural and artificial light sources. Crystal Series products can serve a dual purpose in hiding light sources or unsightly back walls, while providing an exciting decorative glass feature.

Florida Hospital Altamonte Textured


TextureCascade XL
GlassLow Iron
Thickness1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions5’ x 2’ (1524 x 609 mm)
DesignerGresham Smith and Partners
InstallerKelley Glass/Brasfield & Gorrie
PhotographyJoseph Lapeyra, FL
Florida Hospital Altamonte Textured