Project Description

Red Glass Dividers

Denver News Agency Glass Dividers

Denver News Agency Glass Dividers. Swirling custom pattern on multiple panels, using ½” thick safety glass, finished in a bright Red glass color appliqué. Panels are pinned onto vertical rods, using bolt connectors through holes in the glass. Contact Us Today.

More examples Of Glass Dividers

Medical Center Textured Glass Dividers. Dell Children’s Medical Center was the first hospital in the world to be awarded LEED® Platinum certification – and we are proud to be a part of their achievements.

Various patterns of our RainIcicleChampagne, and Sandstone glass, provide a decorative element for this children’s play area. With the focus on “fun”, multiple patterns help to create a whimsical feeling and blend with the personality of the room. Medical Center Textured Glass Dividers. LEARN MORE

Denver News Agency Glass Dividers


GlassLucent Red
Thickness1/2″ (12 mm)
DimensionsVarious Sizes
SafetyTempered, Fire Rated
DesignerDLR Group
PhotographyRandy Brown
Denver News Agency Glass Dividers