Project Description

willow decorative glass wall by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Bridgeview Condominium Glass Walls

18 Large panels, 6’0 x 6’0, of Gemstone Cobalt Blue glass are pinned to a back wall surface, using a spider clamp attachment system. The Gemstone glass is 3/8” thick, safety tempered, and incorporates our Freeform Series Willow pattern.

The iridescent sparkle included in the Gemstone color mixture is revealed with front lighting, while the semi-opacity component of the color finish helps hide an unsightly back wall. The front lighting feature of this glass allowed for an inexpensive and effective lighting system, whereas back lighting would have been difficult and costly. Bridgeview Condominium Glass Walls.

Hayden Ferry Lakeside, Tempe, AZ

Bridgeview Condominium Glass Walls


GlassGemstone Cobalt Blue
Thickness3/8″ (10 mm)
Dimensions6’0 x 6’0 (1828 x 1828 mm)
SafetyTempered, Fire Rated
InstallerRichard Drinkwater w/DAVIS
PhotographyA.F. Payne Photographic
Bridgeview Condominium Glass Walls