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Convex Aero Architectural Glass

For Café 108, on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood CA, Marcello Pozzi, Principal, had an eye for the unusual and the irregular. His feature wall required a product which included extreme pattern depths, a design not used previously and very noticeable, with the added feature of meeting safety code requirements. The answer? Nathan Allan’s brand new Convex Aero, 3D Decorative Glass.

Convex Aero kiln formed decorative glass was created by the inspiration of the small bubbles in the popular chocolate bar. That may sound funny, but it’s true. No fake news about this one!!! Kiln Formed Glass Types.

3D irregular shaped cells, over 1″ deep, form this unique and whimsical pattern. Each Aero glass cell is its own unique shape and size, creating various depth cells all throughout each decorative glass panel. The irregularity in the pattern, the various depth cells, and the excessive depth in some cells, created a tempering nightmare. However, Nathan Allan factory technicians overcame this hurdle with an exclusive production process which enables our Aero Glass to safety temper. As such, Aero Decorative Glass is now available to our architects and designers in tempered safety glass panels, which meets safety code requirements. Oven made glass type.

Select from Clear Glass or Low Iron glass. As Aero glass has such a deep, irregular, 3D surface, and even though the glass is perfectly clear, privacy is still created. This unique feature is only available on Nathan Allan’s Convex and Freeform Glass Series products. Create a darker, semi-opaque finish with a Privacy Frosted surface, or apply a vibrant Lucent colors to each Aero Decorative Glass panel surface.

As with all Nathan Allan Glass products, Aero Decorative Glass is available in large panel sizes, shipped to our clients “cut to size”, ready to install… READ MORE

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Kiln Formed Glass Types