Architectural Textured Glass Partitions

//Architectural Textured Glass Partitions

Architectural Textured Glass Partitions. Kiln formed decorative glass partitions and glass dividers by Nathan Allan, create dazzling displays of visual art, while providing an effective function in separating spaces. Our decorative glass partitions often become the focal point of a room, because of the deep, intriguing textures formed into the glass surfaces. Deep textured glass dividers create privacy, but also allow ample amounts of light transmission, effectively brightening the spaces which it separates.

Over 100 decorative glass textures are available, produced in any thickness of glass required. Panels are safety tempered or safety laminated, meeting all building code requirements. Choose clear or low iron glass, or add a vivid color finish of your choice. Nathan Allan decorative glass dividers incorporate our easy to clean, sealed surface anti-microbial feature, making our decorative glass dividers the glass of choice in Healthcare environments.