Kiln formed textured glass countertops and glass bar tops, are part of Nathan Allan’s most popular architectural glass products. Thick glass countertops are quickly replacing traditional countertop materials with their non-porous and easy to clean surfaces. Our trademark textured glass edges on our thick glass countertops, hide fingerprints, while adding beauty and dimension to all our decorative glass countertops.

Choose from one of our 66 textured glass options in our Classic Series, and apply to your thick glass countertop or thick glass bar top. Select from 1.5”, up to 4” thick glass, in clear or low iron options. Enhance your thick glass countertop by adding vibrant color finishes on the textured glass surfaces. Illuminate your thick glass countertop with effective edge lighting or pad lighting solutions. Create a unique and brilliant design by using thick glass bar tops and thick glass countertops on your next commercial or residential project.