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Glass Countertops. Kiln formed textured glass countertops and glass bar tops, are some of Nathan Allan’s most popular architectural glass products. For example, they are certainly a favourite of many high end interior designers. Our thick glass countertops are quickly replacing traditional countertop materials because of the unique, decorative design finishes available in textured glass. The non-porous and easy to clean glass surfaces are also an attractive feature. Nathan Allan’s trademark textured glass edges on our thick glass countertops, provide a unique and exclusive design detail. Textured glass edges now allow interior designers multiple choices for their glass edge treatments. Therefore, the textured glass edges also prevent any fingerprints from forming. Consequently, this allows the glass to appear much cleaner than polished edges.

Nathan Allan thick glass countertops can be produced in any of our 66 Classic Collections textured glass options. Select from 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4” thick glass, in clear, low iron, or crystal clear glass options. Illuminate your thick glass countertop with effective edge lighting or pad lighting solutions. At the same time, enhance your thick glass countertop by adding vibrant color finishes on the textured glass surfaces. Select from our Lucent colors, designed to work with edge lighting or bottom lighting conditions. Or, choose our Gemstone metallic color finishes, designed for overhead lighting conditions. Overhead lighting is even more effective, when you place a reflective steel material underneath our textured countertops. The steel material reflects the light back through the glass. Therefore, the reflected light enhances the glass, in addition to highlighting the crisp textured glass.

Nathan Allan textured glass countertops can be produced in various sizes. Therefore the overall size of the thick glass countertop will be based upon the thickness of glass selected. Moreover, the weight of each thick glass slab is also affected by the overall size. Panels are often produced in 10’0 x 2’0 sections, however, we have also produced up to 4’0 x 10’0 thick glass countertops. The handling, moving, and installation factors of a project site, should always be taken into account. Namely, consider these facts before choosing panel sizes.