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Project Description

willow gemstone decorative glass wall panels for Pacific Sotheby's

Vdara Deep Rain Architectural Glass Façade

Vdara Deep Rain Architectural Glass Façade. The designers at BBGM were searching for something new, and something different. Hopefully something which had never been used before, to “Wrap” the interior walls of their elevator cabs. With Las Vegas being so bold, bright, and some even say beautiful, the challenge was to create an interior environment which captured all three elements.

Nathan Allan was emboldened with the task of producing this elegant design feature. While at the same time, needing to produce a feature which was functional, safe, and also safety glass. Our Deep Rain Architectural Glass Façade provided a great solution for the designer’s requirements.

willow gemstone decorative glass

Vdara Deep Rain Architectural Glass Façade


Using our Deep Rain Architectural Glass Façade as the feature texture, an unusual textured design was created which has never been seen before in an elevator cab. The surface of the glass is highly irregular, with peaks and valleys, and gives one the impression of frozen rain. The custom color finish, a vibrant Blue Danube mixture, is applied to the back of the glass to illuminate the interior in a dazzling fashion. The combination of glass details produced a brilliant and alluring, deep Blue toned, highly textured, interior Architectural glass surface.


Dual panels of clear tempered safety glass are used, with panels being laminated together. Various size panels were required, with the large panels at 5’0 wide x 7’0 high (1524mm x 2134mm). Panels were approved with building code regulations for elevator cabs.


All interior cab panels are set on a marble kick, which is installed off the elevator cab floor. Glazing cushions are set underneath each glass panels, to separate the glass edges from the hard marble surface. A special adhesive, recommend by Nathan Allan, is used to secure each Deep Rain Architectural Glass Façade panel to the interior cab walls. All glass edges are protected with highly polished stainless steel cap.


TextureDeep Rain
GlassClear, Blue Danube
Thickness11/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions5’0 x 7’0 (1500 x 2100mm)
DesignerBBGM, NYC
Photography Vdara
willow gemstone decorative glass

Vdara Deep Rain Architectural Glass Façade