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Project Description

Glass Bartop

Silver Reef Casino Thick Glass Countertop

Silver Reef Casino Thick Glass Countertop. To capture the glamour and thrill in a casino, the architecture must be something special, something unforgettable. In an electrifying combination of colour, light and texture, Nathan Allan Glass Studios teamed up with Denean Scott of Design Solutions, to create the focal point in the Silver Reef Casino (Bellingham, WA) – a tropical blue Thick Glass Countertop at the Cantina bar.

From a distance, this immense, Thick Glass Countertop commands attention and becomes an unforgettable focal point of the Cantina bar. The thick glass countertop fully captures the energy of a casino. It’s something out of the ordinary, bright and engaging, and, of course, every inch of glamorous.

Glass Bartop

Silver Reef Casino Thick Glass Countertop


Nathan Allan produced a unique, 2” Thick Glass Countertop for the Silver Reef Casino’s Cantina Bar. A light, soft, “Sandstone” texture is formed on the bottom surface of each glass panel, and all glass edges are formed with Nathan Allan’s exclusive Rocky Mountain textured edge feature. Textured glass edges create an intriguing visual, and prevent fingerprinting. Adding to this impressive Thick Glass Countertop, is the bottom surface light pad, which creates the Cobalt Blue color glow throughout the glass.


Measuring a substantial 36’0 in total girth, each Thick Glass Countertop slab is 6’0 wide x 2’0 deep, and 2” thick. All panels were formed into curved molds, and the glass pattern flows evenly from panel to panel. Support underneath the glass is solid millwork.


This radiant Thick Glass Countertop, is a spectacular new take on traditional glass bartops, which are typically produced in wood or granite-like materials. The Caribbean blue color glows under patron’s beverages, while floating air bubbles within the glass creates a mesmerizing water effect. Designer Denean Scott selected an innovative combination of Sandstone and Rocky Mountain textures, which have fine and deep textures respectively. The contrast between the two textures brings out the characteristics of each. Pair the textures with the blue glow and floating air bubbles, and patrons have the pleasure of a unique conversation piece, keeping them entertained throughout their stay.


Working with Interior Woodworking Specialists, the micro thin lighting pad is installed over the solid millwork structure, then our Thick Glass Countertop panels are placed over the lighting pad. The lighting pad not only illuminates our Thick Glass Countertop, but it also provides a cushion between the millwork and our glass. Clear, structural silicone is used to hold the glass solidly to the inner millwork, and used to fill the small gaps between panels.


Collection Josiah J
Series Heavy
Texture Sandstone / Rocky Mountain
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 2” (50mm)
Dimensions 36’0 x 2’0 (11m x .6m)
Safety Annealed
Designer Design Solutions
Installer Interior Woodworking Specialists
Photography C9 Photography & Design
Glass Bartop

Silver Reef Casino Thick Glass Countertop

glass bartop
glass bartop