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Project Description

Teardrop decorative glass

A Reflection of Continued Success and Innovation

Sophie’s at Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Sarasota, Florida

Sophie’s at Sak’s Fifth Avenue features a delightful bar with views into the kitchen, a luxuriously intimate dining room and a private dining area perfect for business or social events. The Teardrop designed glass, originally developed by Nathan Allan Glass Studios, makes a perfect choice for partitions and dividing walls in this project. Teardrop glass was created by artisans using confidential kiln-forming methods. The glass has been formed with deep dimensional patterns without texture that provides clarity for excellent light transmission while still maintaining privacy.

Teardrop decorative glass


Collection Freeform
Texture Teardrop XL
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 3/8″ (10 mm)
Dimensions 3’0 x 8’0 (762 x 1524 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Chipman Design
Installer Key Glass
Photography Robin Hill
Teardrop decorative glass