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Project Description

Crackle Glass Wall


The Revere, Boston, is a luxury hotel embodying the city’s rich history while embracing a modern edge. This balance of contemporary and timeless style was choreographed by BBGM Interiors, who called upon our glass artisans to craft a 12.5’ wide x 25” high wall of Crackle glass.

“In such an iconic city, we cannot imagine a better opportunity than designing The Revere,” says Amy Jakubowski, partner at BBGM. “This challenge granted us the ability to use our creative license in new ways to bring something refreshing and innovative to the Boston hospitality market.”


Collection Josiah J
Series Crackle
Texture Mirrored / Crackle
Glass Clear
Thickness  1/4″ (6 mm)
Dimensions 12.5’ x 25” (3810 x 635 mm)
Safety Laminated
Designer BBGM Interiors
Installer K&G Entrances Inc.
Photography Jessica Miller