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Project Description

architectural glass wall by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

The Challenge to Capture Light

Holt Renfrew, Vancouver

The conversion of a dated, concrete façade into a beautiful Architectural glass wall has transformed Holt Renfrew’s public face into something more befitting to high-end shopping. Collaborating with Front Inc and architectural designer Janson Goldstein, both in NYC, Nathan Allan designed and created Convex Rectangles to achieve our vision for the Holt Renfrew project. The result is a stunning glass wall that commands the attention of patrons on Dunsmuir St, with eye-catching and shimmering glass façade panels.


From the exterior, onlookers are treated to a radiant wall of dynamic glass panels. Nathan Allan’s Convex Rectangles glass brings pattern, depth and brightness to a once dull concrete façade. Convex glass panels capture maximum light—in an often overcast and rainy city—for a bright, exclusive appearance. From within, Holt Renfrew’s displays are well-lit in front of a luminous, glittering glass wall. The distortion of light creates playful shapes on the street outside, while casting beautiful shadow patterns inside – yet the design allows ample sunlight throughout. Patrons have the luxury of shopping in privacy, while in a brilliant and exclusive retail setting.

architectural glass wall by Nathan Allan Glass Studios


Convex Rectangles is a 3D architectural glass created by Barry Allan and his talented team of Nathan Allan glass artists. Exclusive production methods are used to form individual, “pillow” like cells, within a large panel format. The front surface of each cell protrudes outward, forming a deep 3-Dimensional Convex pattern. While the glass surface is smooth and glossy, voluminous amounts of sunlight stream through each Convex glass panel. This creates a visually sparkling, yet stunning finish.

Installed against the old concrete surface of the existing Holt Renfrew building, Convex glass panels form both a nebulous and scintillating appearance. This modern and brilliant Architectural glass wall visually compliments the high quality products which Holt Renfrew displays, for which the company has earned the reputation of Vancouver’s go-to shopping destination.


Collection Josiah J
Series Convex
Texture Rectangle
Glass Low Iron / Frosted
Thickness 1” (25 mm)
Dimensions 6’6 x 11’4 (1981 x 3454 mm)
Safety Laminated
Designer Front Inc, Janson Goldstein
Installer Inland Glass, Glastec
Photography  Michael Desjardins / Marc Simmons
architectural glass wall by Nathan Allan Glass Studios