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Project Description

Glass Walls Decorative Glass Architectural Glass Nathan Allan

Cobalt Blue Cascade Glass Walls

Hayden Ferry II, Phoenix, AZ

3/8″ Cascade XL textured glass, with Cobalt Blue color finish is incorporated into the entrance lobby at Hayden Ferry II, in Phoenix, AZ. Two walls of Cast Glass, each approximately 100′ long, and ranging in heights from 16’0 to 24’0, are pinned onto a Spider Clamp support framework. The Cobalt Blue Cascade glass is also used at the security desk, in 30’0 high panels, to simulate a waterfall effect. Coordination of the installation with B & B Glass, Phoenix Arizona, ensured a quality installation of glass walls and spider clamps, engineered for safety and strength.

Glass Wall Waterfall Desk Glass


Collection Josiah J
Series Classic
Texture Cascade XL
Glass Clear Cobalt Blue
Thickness 1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions 16’0 – 24’0 (4876 x 7315 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Davis, AZ and Suncor Energy
Installer B & B Glass, AZ
Photography John Hall
Glass Wall Phoenix Arizona