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Project Description

cascade xl cobalt blue textured glass wall for Hayden Ferry by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Cobalt Blue Cascade XL Textured Glass Walls: Atlantis Brought to Life

Hayden Ferry II, Phoenix, AZ

Hayden Ferry Lakeside is a sophisticated master-planned mixed-use project on an iconic 43-acre site on the south shore of Tempe Town Lake in downtown Tempe, Arizona. The buildings of Hayden Ferry feature state-of-the art workplaces that integrate both technology and aesthetics. Specifically, Hayden Ferry II hosts companies like KPMG and Microsoft.

As a nod to the Tempe Town Lake location, the buildings resemble nautical cruise ships in port, featuring tinted blue textured glass facades and brushed metal finishes. To match the aesthetics of the outer nautical theme, Suncor Energy collaborated with Nathan Allan Glass Studios to create three stunning deep-blue architectural glass walls in the lobby of Hayden Ferry II. Cascade XL textured glass from Nathan Allan brings the idea of Atlantis to life, allowing the residents to journey into the aura of an underwater atmosphere.

cascade xl cobalt blue textured glass wall for Hayden Ferry by Nathan Allan Glass Studios


Part of our directional series, Cascade XL decorative glass mimics the essence of the seamless flow of water. Paired with architectural lighting and our Cobalt Blue color finish, patrons and visitors receive the underwater feeling that the designers intended to create with these beautiful textured glass walls.


Clear tempered safety glass, 1/2″ thick (12mm), with Cascade XL kiln formed glass pattern and cobalt blue finish. Two walls, both 100’ (30480mm) long, 16’ (4876mm) and 24’ (7315mm) high. Behind the security desk features eight 30’ (9144mm) high panels, roughly 24” (610mm) wide.


Working with Davis, AZ and Suncor Energy, our focus was to create a deep blue glass that produced an underwater fantasy. The decorative glass panels help to mimic the nautical aesthetic of the Hayden Ferry landscape. The free flowing Cascade XL texture is enhanced with our Cobalt Blue color finish, and is amplified with interior lighting. Architectural glass meets Atlantis in this stunning project.


Coordination with B & B Glass, AZ, ensured a quality installation of the glass walls. Our large, kiln formed glass panels are pinned onto a spider clamp support framework, which is engineered for safety and strength.


Collection Classic
Series Directional
Texture Cascade XL
Glass Clear Cobalt Blue
Thickness 1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions 16’0 – 24’0 (4876 x 7315 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Davis, AZ and Suncor Energy
Installer B & B Glass, AZ
Photography John Hall
cascade xl cobalt blue textured glass wall for Hayden Ferry by Nathan Allan Glass Studios