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Project Description

cathedral glass-channel glass-four seasons hotel

Cathedral & Channel Glass Walls

With Super Bowl 2017 just around the corner, the amazing transformation of the Four Seasons, Houston TX, was well underway and nearing it’s completion. This luxury hotel deserved the finest furnishings, and Nathan Allan provided 2 luxurious glass options, Cathedral and Channel decorative glass.

Four Seasons Hotel Houston is the ultimate setting for gatherings of all kinds, big or small with family, friends or colleagues. Located in the heart of Houston, and just steps aways from the most acclaimed playgrounds, the Hotel brings bold Texan hospitality to life in ways only Four Seasons can provide.

cathedral glass-channel glass-four seasons hotel


Cathedral and Channel Glass Architectural Glass, are part of Nathan Allan’s illustrious Freeform Series glass collection. Linear in nature, and with varying widths of Fluted streams, Cathedral and Channel Architectural Glass create a modern, technical, and upscale design which enhances the Four Seasons brand. Using Crystal Clear, Low Iron glass, the Fluted surface patterns with convex surface shapes, glimmer from the surrounding lights.


Various sizes panels were used in this project, measuring up to 4’0 (1220mm) wide and up to 8’0 (2440mm) high. All panels were cut and formed to specific sizes, ready to install, to fit all of the many different sized openings. All panels are 3/8” (10mm) thick, Low Iron tempered safety glass, with polished edges. Flat Margins are created on all panels to provide an easier installation for the glazier.


Meyer Davis, a globally recognized New York City based design boutique, played a huge role in this high end project. With one of their specialties being Hospitality Design, the partnership with Nathan Allan was a perfect fit. Our Cathedral and Channel Architectural Glass panels morphed seamlessly with the exquisite and luxurious furnishings selected by Meyer Davis. The combination of all furnishings creates an opulent environment for the charmed patrons fortunate enough to experience this incredible hotel.


Nathan Allan was very fortunate to work with Lakeview Glass, Houston TX, a quality/experienced glazing house, for the installation of more than 50 large panels of our Cathedral and Channel Architectural Glass. Flat Margins are created on each panel, to provide a flat surface so that the Moldings can be tightly pressed against the glass, for a snug installation.


Collection  Freeform
Texture  Cathedral, Channel
Glass  Low Iron
Thickness  3/8″ (10mm)
Dimensions  4’0 x 8’0 (1220mm x 2440mm)
Safety  Tempered
Designer  Meyer Davis, NYC
Installer  Lakeview Glass, Houston TX
Photography  Don Riddle Images
cathedral glass-channel glass-four seasons hotel