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Project Description

Illuminated, Brilliant Crystal Glass Walls

FENDI (Rome, Italy and Hong Kong, China)

Fendi’s prominent glass tunnel was created with Crystal Cognac glass with Rain texture (typically Sahara texture), chosen by Peter Marino Architect.

All vertical panels are 12mm (1/2”) thick tempered cast glass. Most panels are pinned to the side walls on Dorma standoffs. Sliding panels incorporate Dorma Sliding Hardware, as panels open into atrium sections on each side of the tunnel.

Ceiling panels are a combination of 2 layers of 6mm tempered glass panels, that are resin laminated together. All overhead glass products require the glass to be laminated. Panels are pinned to the ceiling with Dorma standoffs. Crystal beads are attached to the back side of each panel, and the lighting causes the beading to illuminate brilliantly, as shown in this application.


Collection  Josiah J
Series Crystal
Texture Rain
Glass Cognac
Thickness 1/2 ” (12 mm)
Dimensions Various sizes
Safety Tempered
Designer Peter Marino
Installer Contractor