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Project Description

decorative glass stair treads by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Glass Stair Treads Meet Science Building


Natural light floods the halls via skylights of the Interdisciplinary Science Building of Canisius College, which is to become the center of a new cutting-edge program for future scientists. The sun’s rays are also enjoyed in the lounging space available on the floor below.

This maximization of sunshine is created by the decorative glass stair treads and glass flooring used by Cannon Design. Those seeking respite on the lower level enjoy an airier space when looking above, while those who pass overhead are assured of privacy due to the frosted finish of Pixel Glass Treads, an architectural glass texture by Nathan Allan.

There is never a fear of slipping on these glass stair treads and glass flooring panels, because the safety surface provides a unique grip for shoes that exceeds ADA requirements for slip-coefficiency.

LEED Silver Certification

decorative glass flooring and stair treads by Nathan Allan Glass Studios


Nathan Allan’s decorative glass stair treads feature an exclusive safety finish called Glass Sandpaper, specifically designed for our glass treads. Glass Sandpaper is durable, long lasting, and provides excellent slip-resistance. With a high ASTM safety rating, our decorative glass stair treads can be used both indoors and outdoors, in wet or dry conditions.

Glass Sandpaper differs greatly from other safety finish options in our industry. We produce it specifically for walking surfaces, and not for other applications. Many so called safety finishes are designed for vertical panels only, to be used as spandrel or privacy finishes. When used as a walking surface, these finishes can wear off and/or have very low safety finish ratings.

Our decorative glass stair treads are available in a wide variety of architectural glass patterns to meet any design need. The glass stairs at Cansius College feature our Pixel textured glass pattern.


Thick glass layers of 1.5” (38mm) low iron tempered glass, are used to produce this properly engineered Glass Stair Tread. Opacity coatings are added to create effective privacy finishes. Glass Tread panels measure 84” wide x 14” deep, while our Glass Flooring panels measure 60” x 48”. Our glass stair treads are laminated with a durable, waterproof laminate, which cannot be adversely affected by liquid spills or moisture.


Cannon Design chose our Pixel architectural glass pattern for the stair treads and glass flooring panels, because of the unique pin dot pattern, and extra semi-opacity finish. The secondary frosted finish creates a contemporary look, which maximizes light transmission and provides sufficient privacy to those walking overhead. This “scientific” effect is truly unique.


Nathan Allan’s decorative glass stair treads and glass flooring panels were installed by Sterling Glass Inc. Proper installation instructions are provided by our glass engineer, which include specific glass cushions with accurate durometer specifications, and correct areas of silicone application.


Collection Josiah J
Series Silken Treads
Texture Pixel
Glass Low Iron Glass
Thickness 1.5” (38mm)
Dimensions 12″ x 106″ (30 x 269 mm)
Safety Tempered, Laminated
Designer Cannon Design, Grand Island
Installer Sterling Glass Inc.
Photography Don Dannecker, Izon Productions
decorative glass stair treads by Nathan Allan Glass Studios