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Project Description

glass treads

Science Building Glass Stairs


Natural light floods the halls via skylights of the Interdisciplinary Science Building of Canisius College, which is to become the center of a new cutting-edge program for future scientists. The sun’s rays are also enjoyed in the lounging space available on the floor below.

This maximization of sunshine is due to the glass treads, floorings, and landings effectively used by Cannon Design. Those seeking respite on the lower level enjoy an airier space when looking above, while those who pass overhead are assured of privacy due to the frosted finish of Pixel.

There is never a fear of slipping on these sheerest of treads and landings because the surface provides a unique grip for shoes, exceeding ADA requirements for slip-coefficiency.

LEED Silver Certification


Collection Josiah J
Series Silken Treads
Texture Pixel
Glass Low Iron Glass
Thickness 1.5” (38mm)
Dimensions 12″ x 106″ (30 x 269 mm)
Safety Tempered, Laminated
Designer Cannon Design, Grand Island
Installer Sterling Glass Inc.
Photography Don Dannecker, Izon Productions