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Project Description

glass stairs

Diamondplate Embossed Glass Stairs


When Big D Construction began their search for decorative glass stairs, they researched every type of glass stair tread available on the market. In fact, they pre-ordered various glass tread samples, to view the quality differences between the various manufacturers. Upon viewing the samples, the choice of manufacturer was made simple: Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc. This gorgeous glass staircase, consisting of 80 glass stair  treads and 20 glass landings, is prominent in the main lobby of Big D Construction’s corporate headquarters, welcoming visitors into the contemporary space and drawing the eye upwards.

Glass Stair Treads


Nathan Allan’s cast glass stair treads feature an exclusive safety finish called Glass Sandpaper, which is designed specifically for our glass treads. Glass Sandpaper is a hard, durable, safety finish, which is long lasting, and very effective at providing slip-resistance. The Glass Sandpaper finish on our glass treads is designed to be used in both wet and dry conditions. With a high ASTM safety rating, our decorative glass stairs can used both indoors and outdoors.

Glass Sandpaper differs greatly from other safety finish options in our industry. Glass Sandpaper was produced specifically for walking surfaces, not for other applications. Many so called safety finishes are designed for vertical panels, to be used as spandrel or privacy finishes. When used as a walking surface, these finishes can wear off and/or have very low safety finish ratings.

Our glass treads are available in a wide variety of architectural glass patterns to meet any design need. The glass stairs at Big D Construction feature our Diamondplate textured glass.


Thick, heavy layers of 5/8” (15mm) glass are used to produce this properly engineered Glass Stair Tread. Our glass stairs are laminated with our effective waterproof laminate.


Design firm Gillies Stransky Brems Smith chose a kiln-formed, architectural glass pattern for these stairs, which is formed into the bottom layer of the glass. The Diamondplatepattern simulates the traditional steel plate stair tread, but with a modern twist. The effect is a stunning, contemporary look that is truly unique, yet pays homage to classic industrial design.


The Diamondplate kiln-formed glass treads for Big D Construction required glazing expertise to install the glass treads properly and safely. Responding to the professional advice of our engineer, Big D used proper glass cushions to shield the glass treads from any metal contact, as well as recessing all pin mount connections into the glass, avoiding any raised surface contact.

LEED® Gold Certified


Collection Josiah J
Series Embossed
Texture Diamondplate
Glass Clear
Thickness  5/8” (15mm)
Dimensions 5/8″ x 5/8″
Safety Laminated
Designer Gillies Stransky Brems Smith, UT
Installer Big D Construction
Photography Perrenoud Productions, UT
Architectural Glass Stair Treads