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Project Description

Decorative Lighting Shades


Unusual, interesting and certainly unique. Decorative lighting shades constructed from 1/2” thick, cast laminated safety glass panels. Using our Aggregate texture to create a surface pattern with highlights and shadows, a custom touch was also used in adding Crystals from our Crystal Series products, to the Sandstone Texture of the top surface of the largest oval. The Crystals diffuse the hot spots from the lighting source, and create an illuminating crystallized effect. Our glass ovals match the granite floor ovals below, in size and shape.


Collection  Classic
Series  Organic
Texture  Aggregate, Sandstone
Glass  Low Iron
Thickness  1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions  16’x14′ (4876 x 4267 mm)
Safety  Tempered, Laminated
Designer  Cetra Ruddy, Jack Bailey, One Lux Studio
Installer  Starfire Lighting
 Scott Chaney