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Project Description

decorative glass bar top by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Heavy, Thick Glass Bar Top

Anaheim Marriott Hotel, CA

At the Marriot Hotel in Anaheim CA, Nathan Allan Glass Studios created a Heavy, Thick Glass bar top as the show piece item in the hotel’s main bar room. This contemporary and trendy Thick Glass Countertops, is definitely the design centerpiece of the bar space, adding both elegance and sophistication to the environment. The warm, yet bright Cognac color finish on the Thick Glass Countertops follows the color scheme of Marriott’s interior designers.

decorative glass bar top by Nathan Allan Glass Studios


Exclusive to Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Heavy Thick Glass bar tops are a stunning kiln-formed glass product. Talented and experienced Nathan Allan glass artists design and carve impressive molds, using safe organic materials, to create intricate textured glass patterns. Our deep Rocky Mountain texture is formed into the bottom glass surface, while leaving the top surface clear, flat, and functional.

An incredible feature within Nathan Allan’s Thick Glass Countertops, are the amazing air bubbles which float through the 1.5” thick glass. To amplify the glass even further, hand crafted Rocky Mountain edges glow brightly from strategically placed edge lighting. In addition, a rich, deep Cognac color finish is applied to the bottom glass surface.


Clear annealed glass, 1.5” thick (38mm), with Rocky Mountain bottom texture and Rocky Mountain textured edges. The glass bar top measures 30’0 in total lineal length, x 1’6 wide (9144mm x 305mm). Cognac color finish applied to bottom glass surface.


In collaboration with Cheryl Richardson of Marriott International, Nathan Allan sought to produce a textured glass bar top that would add a warm aura to the bar space. With the mix of our Rocky Mountain texture, cognac color finish, and strategic lighting, our Thick Glass Countertop was able to do just that. The glass not only compliments the space, but provides an elegance that customers feel when sitting at the bar. Our Thick Glass bar top is definitely a popular talking point with anyone who takes a seat.


Our Heavy, Thick Glass bar tops are gently placed on top of a solid, supporting millwork structure. Quality, industry brand glass cushions, separate our Thick Glass bar tops from the structure and help to hold the glass in place. The inside edges of the Thick Glass Countertops are inserted into a U-Channel, and adhered into place with a structural silicone.


Collection Josiah J
Series Heavy
Texture Rocky Mountain
Glass Clear/ Cognac
Thickness 1.5” (38 mm)
Dimensions 30’0 x 1’6 (9144 x 305 mm)
Safety Annealed
Designer Cheryl Richardson – Marriott International
Installer Taber Company
Photography Andrew Leeson Creative
decorative glass bar top by Nathan Allan Glass Studios