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Glass Product Information

Nathan Allan Glass Product Information for our company.

Glass Product Information. Nathan Allan Glass Studios designs and manufacturers architecural textured glass partitions, glass doors, glass lighting, glass stair treads, glass balustrades, bent glass, glass countertops, glass facades and so much more.

You can find stunning examples of Glass Product Information that we make here at Nathan Allan Glass Studios. This information will give you clear insight on what you can expect to find, how it will be disgned and most importantly what goes into making decrative glass products. We have an onsite showroom complete with examples of our products and you can contact us anytime to book an apointment. Please follow us on Twitter to learn more about what we have to offer.

Call: +1 604.535.8849

Catagories for glass product information

Below is a complete list of all the different types of glass products we offer. Please go through the list in order to view the each specific product item. We sell textural, artisit and achitectiual glass products for doors, countertops, stairs, partitions and more.

Glass Balustrades

Kiln Formed cast glass balustrades offer both functional and decorative glass appeal. While allowing light to filter between levels of a space, cast glass balustrades provide privacy and separation. Used in residential and commercial applications, our cast glass balustrades have a low… LEARN MORE

Bent Glass

Bending textured glass is difficult. Bending deep textured glass is even more difficult. Adding complexity to this difficult production process, is to temper the textured glass after the texture is formed. Nathan Allan Glass Studios has… LEARN MORE

Glass Countertops

Kiln formed textured glass countertops and glass bar tops, are part of Nathan Allan’s most popular architectural glass products. Thick glass countertops are quickly replacing traditional countertop materials with their non-porous and easy to clean surfaces. Our trademark textured glass edges on our thick glass… LEARN MORE

Glass Doors

Architectural Glass Doors are functional, beautiful, and provide great levels of privacy. Using various options of our decorative glass textures, Nathan Allan creates Doors which are alluring and stunning, and focal points of conversation. Our decorative glass doors can be produced in a framed or frameless… LEARN MORE

Architectural Textured Glass Facade

Glass Facades

Nathan Allan’s kiln formed Architectural Glass is perfect for all Glass Façade and Wall Cladding applications. For indoor or outdoor facades, our architectural glass panels are produced in translucent textures, creating a unique designer detail to your project, while also allowing ample light transmission… LEARN MORE

Glass Lighting

Nathan Allan’s Decorative Glass textures are ideal for any application where lighting is required. All of our decorative glass textures illuminate brightly when lighted, and provide suitable levels of opacity. For applications which required enhanced opacity levels, Nathan Allan will add a frosted… LEARN MORE

Architectural Textured Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions

Kiln formed decorative glass partitions and glass dividers by Nathan Allan, create dazzling displays of visual art, while providing an effective function in separating spaces. Our decorative glass partitions often become the focal point of a room, because of the deep, intriguing textures formed into the… LEARN MORE

Glass Stair Treads

Nathan Allan Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring, are two of the most unique products in today’s Architectural Glass Industry. Produced specifically to be walked on, Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring incorporate Nathan Allan’s exclusive “Glass Sandpaper” safety finish. Authentic glass particles are… LEARN MORE