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Welcome to Our Studio Playroom!

Glass Motion

Whether it’s a horizon changing building or a single room, architects and designers commit to countless hours of research and planning in each project. It isn’t all hard work, in fact the most memorable buildings and interiors reflect the joy unleashed when expertise intersects with imagination.

At Nathan Allan Glass Studios, we understand – because each kiln-fired architectural glass panel we deliver is the product of a similar process. Perfecting a new offering requires months of calculated guesswork and experimentation, informed by the skills our artists have developed over decades in the studio.

It’s a long process, but it’s also the way we play. And while it may take many attempts before we discover all the right formulas, when we do, the finished products are often architectural wonders.

Glass Motion

It’s easy for most people to forget the almost miraculous nature of glass, but we never do. A fusion of sand and heat can become as strong as steel; reflect or refract light like jewels; concentrate and shift colors like the sea and the sky. Our artists use groundbreaking technologies to create decorative panels that can form breathtaking feature walls or subtly provide privacy while enhancing natural light and mood. As a result, the architects and designers we collaborate with can unleash their own creativity to create one-of-a-kind structures and spaces.

Here, we invite you behind the scenes, into the creative processes that produce these inimitable products. These are our “works in progress,” prototypes now included in our current textured glass offerings. Follow Us On Twitter.

Discover our new Glass Motion Stories below. Enjoy Reading!

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